Club Bylaws

Updated Thursday March 3, 2016 by Fountain Hills Soccer Club.

Club Bylaws

Article I – Adoption of Bylaws

The members of the Fountain Hills Soccer Club (FHSC), a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Arizona, and an IRS registered 501 c (3) corporation, adopt the following Bylaws:

Section 1 – Disclaimer

Where a masculine pronoun is used in this document, both sexes are represented.

Section 2 – Compliance

When a FHSC team is assigned to play in the Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) league or the Valley Youth Soccer League (VYSL), that team must comply with the rules and regulations of those respective leagues.


Article II – Organization and Government

Section 1 – Management

In accordance with its Articles of Incorporation, the FHSC shall be managed by the club officers as defined in the FHSC Constitution.

Section 2 – Election of Officers

Election of FHSC Officers will be made at the FHSC Annual General Meeting (AGM) as defined in the FHSC Constitution.

Section 3 – Removal

A two-thirds (2/3) Board vote is required to remove a Board member from the FHSC Board.

Section 4 – Litigation

Any person participating in a FHSC sponsored program who becomes involved as a defendant in litigation detrimental to the welfare of youth may be suspended from all FHSC related activities until completion of the litigation.  The status of the person shall be reviewed by the Board at the initialization of litigation and at the completion of litigation.  Suspensions shall be decided by a simple majority vote of the Board and may be permanent or temporary as the Board may decide.

Section 5 – Liability

Directors of the Corporation and Officials of member clubs shall be covered against personal liability claims for performing Board approved acts and duties directly related to the affairs of FHSC, Inc.


Article III – Administration

Section 1 – Powers

The FHSC Board shall have the power to enforce the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the FHSC.

The FHSC Board shall have the power to establish and enforce Administrative Rules governing the FHSC. These policies are limited to areas not covered in the Constitution, Bylaws, and Administrative Rules established at the previous AGM.

If occasions arise that are not fully covered by the FHSC Constitution or Bylaws, the FHSC Board shall have the power to decide the proper action to be taken.

Section 2 – Board Meetings

The FHSC Board shall meet once a month unless otherwise voted on at the previous meeting or as agreed upon by board members.

Section 3 – Special Meetings

Special meetings of the FHSC Board and/or committee members may be called at any time by the FHSC President, stating the objective of the meeting no less than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Section 4 – Meeting Format

All meetings shall be open to the public and shall be conducted according to “Robert’s Rules of Order”, latest edition.  The order of business recommended for all FHSC meetings shall be:

  1. Open Meeting
  2. Role Call
  3. Previous Meeting’s Minutes
  4. Parks
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Communications
  7. Board and Committee Reports
  8. Unfinished Business
  9. New Business
  10. Other Items
  11. Adjournment

Section 5 – Fund Raising

The FHSC Board must approve all FHSC fund raising activities.

Section 6 – Annual Audits

The FHSC Board shall annually appoint an independent auditor to do an accountability of the Treasurer’s Annual Report.  Said report shall be furnished to the FHSC Board subject to its review and approval.

Section 7 – Fines and Penalties

The FHSC Board shall establish fines and penalties, as necessary, to enforce the Constitution, Bylaws, and other rules of the organization.


Article IV – Membership Requirements

Section 1 – Registration Rules and Fees

Age divisions shall comprise of players who are, before the first day of August of the preceding season:

U18 Under 18 years of age U17 Under 17 years of age
U16 Under 16 years of age U15 Under 15 years of age
U14 Under 14 years of age U13 Under 13 years of age
U12 Under 12 years of age U11 Under 11 years of age
U10 Under 10 years of age U9 Under 9 years of age
U8 Under 8 years of age U7 Under 7 years of age
U6 Under 6 years of age U5 Under 5 years of age


Proof of Age – proof of age shall consist of a birth certificate, valid drivers license, or birth registration issued by an appropriate governmental agency, board of health records, passport, alien registration card issued by the United States government, a Certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age, or a Certification of an American Citizen born abroad issued by the governing agency. Hospital, Baptismal or religious certificates will not be accepted.

Minimum and Maximum roster – minimum and maximum team rosters for recreational teams shall be set by FHSC board; minimum and maximum team rosters for VYSL teams shall be established by VYSL.

False registration – Any coach who is found to have played a player who is over-age and / or illegally registered shall, at a minimum, be suspended for the remainder of the seasonal year in which the player is found to have played and the following seasonal year.  In addition, the team shall forfeit the game(s) in which that player has taken part.

AYSA Player Pass – AYSA players must have passes furnished by this AYSA which have a recent player photograph, are signed by the player and laminated correctly.

AYSA Coach Pass – AYSA will issue a coach’s passes for coaches of each AYSA team.  The coach must present his/her the passes to the referee prior to the start of the game.  This pass must have the same team number, club number, league number and age group as the team, otherwise the coach shall not be allowed to coach that game.  The coach’s pass shall be returned to the coach at the end of the game.  If the coach was ejected, his pass shall be turned over to the proper authorities for disciplinary action.

Section 2 – Player Transfer and Release

Any player registered to a team is bound to that team for the entire seasonal year unless he requests a transfer.  All requests for the transfer shall be submitted in writing noting all pertinent information, stating the reason for the request for transfer.

The Board may establish guidelines for loaned players when:

  1. It is determined that a team has completely disbanded play for the remainder of the FHSC seasonal year; and
  2. When FHSC and interscholastic (high school) playing time may conflict, those players not playing interscholastically, may join other established FHSC teams with the use of loan forms, filled out properly and signed by both coaches and filed with FHSC registrar.

Section 3 – Rules of Inducement

Any person who attempts to induce a registered player or players of another club or team under the jurisdiction of the FHSC to leave their club or team before the team’s last league game may be deemed to have committed misconduct and may be called before the Board for disciplinary action.

A coach, parent, player or other involved party who desires to make a complaint of illegal inducement must do so in writing, addressed to the Board.  Verbal complaints are not acceptable.

Where the Board finds that an incident of illegal inducement has occurred, the committee shall impose punishment tailored to the nature and seriousness of the offense.  Such may include suspension from FHSC activities for a period from on month to one year.

It shall not be illegal inducement for a coach to answer any inquire totally originated by a player or his parent(s) concerning whether there is room for a player on a team.  This provision is effective only so long as the contact is totally initiated by the parent(s) or player and the coach does not attempt to persuade, by direct or indirect means, the player to transfer.

Section 4 – Senior Trial Games

A youth player will be permitted to play an unlimited number of senior games without losing his youth eligibility.  The youth player must obtain permission from his youth coach or other authorized team official.  The youth coach or other authorized team official shall, in writing or by form, request eligibility clearance from the AYSA through the FHSC.  The youth coach or other authorized team official must, in writing or by form, request permission from the state senior association.

When the above clearance and permissions have been granted, the state senior association has sole discretion in permitting a youth player to play senior games and will be responsible for establishing the procedures under which this will be implemented.  In the event of a conflict between a senior trial game and a youth game, the youth game shall take precedence.

Section 5 – Player Suspension

Player suspension levied by co-equal bodies or by the USYSA or AYSA of which the FHSC is notified, will be recognized by the FHSC.

Section 6 – Jurisdiction

After the season has been declared open by the FHSC, all games played by members of the FHSC shall be under the jurisdiction of the FHSC and no club or registered team thereof may participate in any other soccer game unless permission is given by the Board or the AYSA or the USYSA.


Article V – Competition Rules

Section 1 – Dates

The playing season shall consist of a minimum of 8 games, beginning on a date determined by the Board.

The date for registration shall be determined by the Board.

All games shall be scheduled by the FHSC Board.

Section 2 – Duration of Games and Half-time and Ball Size

All teams shall play under the guidelines of the game as approved by the USYSA unless modified by the FHSC Board.

All games shall start at the time scheduled unless prevented by unforeseen circumstances beyond FHSC control.  After a thirty (30) minute delay caused by a tardy team, such team shall forfeit the game to the opposing team.

Section 3 – Team Gender

Purely female teams shall be established within the FHSC as the player population permits.  One male player on a team constitutes a male team.

Section 4 – Coaches

If the registered coach of a team cannot be present at a game for any reason, he shall delegate his authority to an assistant.  The assistant shall be considered as the coach and shall carry out his duties as defined in these bylaws.  However, if the assistant violates any of these rules, or rules of the game, the registered coach will be held responsible.

Section 5 – Referees

The Referee Assignor shall be responsible for assigning referees at all club games.

In case the appointed referee fails to show up, a substitute referee may be appointed by mutual agreement of the two opposing team coaches.  Such agreement shall be recorded on the back of the referee’s game card.

In case no agreement can be reached, each team shall appoint a referee to handle one-half (1/2) of the game. The visiting team’s referee shall officiate the second half of the game.  The arrangement shall be noted on the back of the referee’s card.  Under no circumstances shall a game go unplayed due to a lack of referee’s.

Should any referee become incapacitated during a game, he shall turn over control of the game to any other referee, or a person mutually agreed upon by the opposing teams.  The arrangement shall be noted on the back of the referee’s card.

The center referee shall be the sole judge on the field of play.  His decision shall be final.

All comments concerning the referee’s performance on the field shall be directed in writing to the FHSC Director of Referees or the attending Field Supervisor.

The FHSC Board, at its discretion, may define alternate means of player identification.  The referee shall report any problems with identification cards on the back of the game card.

The Center referee is responsible for completing a game card for each game officiated.  The game card will be turned into the Director of Referees within 24 hours of the game.

Section 6 – Misconduct

Any case of misconduct by players, coaches, or spectators either before, during, or after a game, shall be reported by the referee (or attending Field Supervisor) on the back of the game card.

A player or coach who receives a RED card or its equivalent, shall be suspended from play until the case has been reviewed by the FHSC Board.  Minimum suspension is one (1) game.

The equivalent of a RED card is defined as a case of misconduct by a player or coach after a game where the referee does not show a RED card, but the misconduct is reported as serious enough to have been a RED card had the game been in progress.

Failure by the referee to show a RED card shall not invalidate any reports by the referee of misconduct.

Any player, coach, or spectator participating in a fight shall be subject to suspension for the remainder of the season.  If suspended, the player forfeits all registration fees.

The FHSC Board shall be the sole judge of each case of misconduct.  FHSC Board members with a conflict of interest shall not be allowed to hear a misconduct case.

FHSC Board decisions regarding misconduct can be appealed according to Section 11 of this Article.

Section 7 – Protests

Any team protesting a game must, through its coach, indicate such intent both verbally to the opposing coach and Center referee, and in writing on the back of the game card.  A formal protest stating all the known facts shall be made in writing to the FHSC Board and signed by the protesting coach.  This letter must be personally delivered or mailed within three (3) days after the protested game.  If properly received by the FHSC Board, the protest will be addressed by the FHSC Board at its next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Once a protest has been formally submitted, it cannot be withdrawn.

Section 8 – Playing Time

All registered players in good standing with the FHSC and their team shall be given the opportunity to play fifty (50) percent of each game unless prevented by absence, injury, or illness.

Section 9 – Game Postponements

Any Team desiring a postponement of a scheduled game shall give notice to the opposing coach.  Postponements requested due to reasons other than field or weather conditions should be requested no less than one week prior to the originally scheduled game time.

In the event of a dispute, the Board shall have the exclusive power to decide whether or not the rescheduling request will be approved.  If such approval is not given, then the game time and place shall remain as originally scheduled.

The Board shall also have exclusive power to schedule or reschedule all postponements as well as the location that such postponed games are to be played.  All games will be scheduled within one (1) week to be played within two (2) weeks following the originally scheduled game time.

If such rescheduled game is NOT replayed during the time limits above, the Board shall have the power to forfeit the game to the team which was deemed not at fault in the failure to replay.

All teams who register to in the FHSC SHALL play ALL of their scheduled league games.  Any team which fails to complete its league schedule may be placed in bad standing with FHSC.  No team is eligible to receive league funds for post-season play, or receive league awards, if it is not in good standing with FHSC.

Teams may not enter tournaments that conflict with the league season without written permission of the club.  The Board shall determine the format of such written permission.

Section 10 – Experimental Soccer (i.e. micro soccer)

Games may be played with different rules than those included explicitly in the constitution.  Such games may involve part of one or several divisions. The experimental rules, the divisional involvement and the number of games to be played must be approved by the Board.

Section 11 – Appeals Procedure

Decisions of the FHSC Board may be appealed in accordance with the following procedure:

An appeal must be filed by the person accused of misconduct or protesting a game in writing and with supporting documentation to the FHSC President within three (3) days of notification of the Board’s decision. The appeal must be typed and include the name, address, and phone number of the person making the appeal.

Notification of the receipt of the appeal by the FHSC President will be by telephone, with written follow-up within three (3) days. The appellant shall be informed at this time whether or not the appeal has been accepted for review.  If accepted, the appellant shall be informed of the date, time, and location of the appeal hearing.

When a decision is appealed, the decision being appealed shall stand and be in force until the appeal process is complete.

Decisions of the FHSC Board shall be rendered and forwarded, in writing via registered mail, to the parties involved in the appeal within three (3) days of the decision.

No person or person(s) associated with the FHSC shall invoke the aid of the Courts of any State or the United States of America without first exhausting all available remedies within the FHSC, AYSA, and the USYSA organizations.  Violators of this rule shall be subject to the sanctions of suspension and fines, and shall be liable to the FHSC for all expenses incurred by the FHSC and its officers in defending each court action, including but not limited to the following:

  • Court costs
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Reasonable compensation for time spent by FHSC officers in responding to and defending against allegations in the actions, including responses to discovery and court appearances.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Expenses for holding special Board meetings necessitated by the court action.


Article VI – Amendments to the Bylaws

Section 1 – Amendments

The Bylaws of the FHSC may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at any meeting of the FHSC Board, provided that each BOARD member has received fourteen (14) days written notice of the proposed amendments.

Section 2 – Validation

Any copy of the FHSC Bylaws, or amendments to this document shall be considered a valid copy only when duly signed by at least three (3) of its Board members.


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