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Updated Tuesday February 25, 2014 by Fountain Hills Soccer Club.

For Parents

General Notes and Soccer Etiquette

Home team chooses side. Opposing teams will sit on the opposite sides of the field—regardless of where the sun is shining! Parents, fans, and coaches must remain on their side within the penalty lines. They may neither sit nor wander beyond the penalty area. They must be at least five feet (5’) from the sideline to allow the referees and coaches to see clearly and move up and down the sidelines. (See diagram below) No one is allowed to sit or stand by the goalies. No one, except the coaches, may coach from the sidelines.

Only positive encouragement is allowed. If a parent’s behavior warrants, the referee will advise the coach to ask the parent to leave the game. If the parent does not leave, the coach may be red-carded and must also leave the game. Therefore, please maintain your decorum for the sake of the children.

Questioning a Ruling: No parent or player may question the referee or make any derogatory comments. Any questions or concerns need to be brought to your coach’s attention and they will address the issue as appropriate. If further questions persist, please bring to the soccer board’s attention and it will be handled.

Parents and players that want to learn more about the rules of soccer are encouraged to visit website:

Dress Code: Players may not wear jewelry, including pierced earrings (even freshly pierced!), necklaces, watches and bracelets. The only exceptions are those required by religion. Eyeglasses must be secured around head with a band. Shin guards must be worn and must always be worn under the team socks. Ask your coach if you are unsure of proper use.

Game Write-ups: The FHSC encourages positive reinforcement of our youth and game write-ups are a great way to highlight extraordinary play and teamwork.  Parents are encouraged to submit weekly reports to the Fountain Hills Times. FH Times requires write-ups be submitted by Monday @ 9:00 a.m. To submit your write-up, simply go online to, fax to FH Times: at 837-1951, email to or drop off a game write-up form at 16929 E Enterprise Drive. Always mention your sponsors. Include a contact name and number as well as date played, division or age group, team name, opponents’ team name, game highlights. Summaries should not exceed 150 words. Cover the highlights, not a play-by-play! You will be edited if copy runs too long. Game write-up forms are available online (download it here) and will also be distributed with your rosters.

Assist Your Coach: Ask your coach how you can help. Offer to help with soccer drills, organizing the team, etc. Remember that the coach is busy working with the players and may not ask for help.

Soccer Locker: Has your player outgrown their soccer cleats or equipment? You can recycle your equipment by bringing it to one of the soccer clinics and turning it in to a trainer or drop it off at the Desert Vista Snack Bar. It will then be available to anyone who needs it.

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